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Sunny Leone was born in Sarnia, Ontario on May 13, 1981 to a family of recent Indian immigrants. She enjoyed a carefree childhood that in no way foreshadowed a future in adult film. A healthy dose of religious repression through a Sikh household and a Catholic school education ensured something would snap eventually, but her youth was fairly uneventful on the bad behavior front -- at least in terms of the public record. In her late teens, Sunny’s family moved to California, which inadvertently put her next to the porn capital of the world.
sunny leone becomes a model
Although it wasn’t exactly a smooth transition from Canada to California, Sunny was determined to make the best out of her new situation. To that end, Sunny enrolled in a local junior college after graduating from high school in 1999.

It was during one fateful English class that a fellow classmate mentioned that she should give modeling a try, and even provided Sunny with an agent’s phone number. That call led to an appointment with a photographer, and it was at that initial session that Sunny got her first taste of on-camera nudity. Initially reluctant, Sunny realized that posing nude could lead to a lucrative career in the business and allow her to travel all over the world.

And the rest, as the saying goes, is history

Sunny Leone to appear on Bigg Boss 5
In November of 2011, Sunny Leone joined the cast of the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss. Fans of the show expect that her presence in the show's house will generate some drama and controversy. In the most recent episode, Sunny was nominated for eviction along with Siddharth, Amar and Juhi.

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